Heavy Rigging, Easy Bidding

Turnkey Heavy Rigging
HemiSystems offers extensive turnkey heavy rigging and crane service, complete with project analysis and preplanning reports. Our team of riggers are all OSHA certified and trained in rigging safety, so you can rest easy knowing your rigging job will be executed in the safest manner possible. We also examine each job to determine how we can accomplish the job efficiently, on schedule, and within budget.

Our heavy rigging equipment includes:

  • Versa Lifts to 50 Tons
  • Twinlifts to 150 Tons
  • Gantries to 800 Tons
  • Crane to 5 Tons
  • Sliding Systems
  • Uniform Jacking Systems

Your Partner From A-Z
If your job requires engineered lift plans, we can make that happen. We can even store dismantled equipment until it’s ready to be installed, and if you need more than just heavy rigging, we also offer complete millwright services to safely dismantle and reinstall your machinery. So, whether you just need heavy rigging or you’re looking for a complete turnkey service, HemiSystems will be your partner from A-Z.

HemiSystems isn’t bound by state lines — it doesn’t matter where your rigging project is located, our teams provide nationwide service.