Uncompromising Safety Standards

Culture begins with EVERYONE being involved and EVERY VOICE being heard.

HEMI Systems strives to make safety the foundation of our entire company culture. We understand this is a goal which is never met and has no finish line. From the onboarding of apprentices to the ongoing training of our most senior leadership, our safety culture and the continual improvement of this culture is at the forefront of every decision made within the company. Our industry comes with inherent risks, and we know it is more than having processes and procedures in place to reduce these risks and requires weaving this culture into our daily operations and the actions of each of our employees.

Our leadership teams use a combination of years of industry experience, training, and continuous improvement to develop our programs. Through collaboration with our risk control advisors, peers in our insurance captive, and client safety professionals, our standards are constantly evolving to keep pace with the best in class of the industry. We utilize data compiled by OSHA, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and FMI Corp to compare where HEMI Systems ranks relative to industry peers. We use this data to measure the progress of our programs and better understand which areas require additional development. Safety committees including members from Executive Management, Safety, Operations, and Execution meet quarterly to review where we have seen success and where we need to focus on improvement.

Our analysis has demonstrated when a project’s safety metrics meet or exceed our expectations, our other desired metrics are almost always met or exceeded as well. It is crucial to ensure that safety plans and measures are taken seriously and implemented effectively to minimize risks and ensure the success of the project.