Uncompromising Safety Standards

HEMI Systems is focused on prioritizing safety and it shows with milestone achievements with our latest DART, TRIR, and EMR stats as well as our work hour with no loss time accidents and injury-free work hour achievements.

The Right Training
Before any of our employees sets foot on a jobsite, we develop a comprehensive safety plan to ensure a safe work environment for both our clients and our employees. Our safety manual is updated annually with the latest safety codes, and in the event of changes in safety protocol, our employees are trained according to the current standards.

Every worker utilizes the proper PPE and undergoes project-specific training, which is strictly enforced by our corporate Safety Director and upheld by managers and key field personnel. Because safety plays an integral role in our company‚Äôs success, our employees’ certifications are reviewed annually.

Safety-Aware on the Jobsite
Once on the jobsite, we incorporate daily safety pre-checks, and our corporate Safety Director regularly visits all of our jobsites to oversee that superior safety measures are maintained. At HEMI Systems, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled safety and are proactive about eliminating work hazards.

We are proud members of ISNetworld and PICS, and we also utilize Textura Construction Collaboration Solutions.